Friday, April 17, 2009

One should never...

1) Go to the grocery store without a list - or at the very least knowing what you have and do not have in your house already. We went to the commissary yesterday and did so without a list. I came home and realized that I already had some of the items I just bought so now I have extras.

2) Take 3 kids to the beach without a plan or an additional adult. It was a good theory. I wanted to get out of the house and off the base. I remembered my mom wanted a couple shirts from North Shore so I figured we'd drive up and the kids could splash around for a few, play in the sand - then we'd shop and come home for lunch. Living in Hawaii, it's not really a waste to only spend an hour at the beach because...well we can go anytime we want really. Anyway, I packed up the kids, filled a couple of water bottles, grabbed the towels and we drove on up. Anya was happy to gnaw on rocks and eat sand while Jadzia and Inara wanted to play in the water. Being one adult with only two hands, I couldn't just leave Anya sitting alone in the sand and wade out with the other two but I still wanted them to have SOME fun. I let them walk along the edge while I stayed somewhat in the middle of Anya and them. They were happy tossing rocks in the water but every once in awhile Jadzia would start to walk further in and then Inara would start to follow. After about 45 minutes I realized I obviously didn't have the arms or the eyes for this particular trip at this particular moments. So I let them throw a few more beach rocks in and then we headed back to the car to commence shopping. They DID have fun so, as I said, it wasn't a total bust. I need to recruit a neighbor I think if I want to try again. Or take the play pen tent we have so I at least feel Anya is a little more secure in her location (although I'd still not want to wander too far I suspect lol). Anyway, we shopped and then came home since Anya was ready for a nap. As chance would have it, Anya fell asleep in the car and then was no longer ready for a nap when we got home.

Anyone know where I might get a third arm?

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