Monday, April 13, 2009


Last week I noticed the tell-tale white line of a tooth under Anya's top gum. As my children almost always cut teeth in pairs, I expected the second to follow soon. Yesterday, while checking on the tooth progress, I noticed not only the partner to the first tooth but another pair coming in as well - making four teeth at once! Egads!

So today, while she was eating I noticed something on her bottom gum. I hoped it was just a bit of cracker or something but realized it was, in fact, ANOTHER tooth.

In case you are too tired or have forgotten elementary math - that's 5....five teeth coming in together!

And lest we get the pairs thing! While it's no guarentee - I certainly expect to see tooth 5's partner soon as well.

She'll go from a 2 tooth girl to 8 within a couple weeks!

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