Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nothing like kids to show you what you do to much of. Today, Jadzia found a box that something had come in and she proceeded to put some books in it and wanted to tape it closed. Then she filled another box the same way. She told me she was taking them to the post office to mail them and she carried them to the play room. While she was in there I heard her talking so I crept over toward the playroom to try and listen in. She stood on one side of her princess table and had put the boxes down on the table. She was talking to some imaginary postal employee on the other side and I distinctly heard something that sounded like "media mail".

As I returned to the living room, she heard me and smiled. When I asked what she was doing she replied "nothing" like she often does when she catches me watching her play. I merely shook my head and laughed then.

I mail a lot of books for my book swapping site. The postal employees at the base post office know me and the girls pretty well by now - obviously Jadzia has picked up on a few things while watching me.

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