Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Groundhog Day

And once again I live in a place where it doesn't really matter whether he sees his shadow or not. We don't have winter in Hawaii - at least not in the sense that the weather is THAT different from the summer.

For the record, the great groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter for those snowed in somewhere, so bundle up and stay warm. And then send me some snow to play with.

Anya, in her own version of Groundhog Day, slept from 10PM until 630AM. I hope the change is a prediction of things to come. Maybe a season of sleep is on the horizon - less than 6 weeks away....I can hope right?
Well we went to the Commissary today and Inara attempted to steal a candy bar again. The same candy bar type as last time actually. It really must be the placement of that particular bar that attracts her. I have a budding little klepto on my hands actually. She tried to take a pear in the produce department as well. Jadzia, a budding tattle-tale, was quick to alert me to both these steal instances thankfully. Sometimes I find Jadzia's tattling helpful but it's not exactly a trait I'd like to encourage either.

I haven't found the cart cover yet - well I haven't actually looked for it either though. I took one of the carts with extra attached seats for kids and put Anya in the normal seat, Jadzia and Inara in the kid seats and strapped everyone in. Anya was okay for about two minutes before she started fussing. She made it to the pear stealing incident before I picked her up. Considering we hit the produce department first, she didn't make it far. I tried balancing her against the cart handles while pushing but that was problematic at best.

The next aisle over, Jadzia wanted to walk so I let her down. Another aisle over and the balancing act was becoming a major challenge. I decided to try putting her in the seat vacated by Jadzia and tightening the straps as far as they'd go. Surprisingly she not alone stayed put but seemed content. I can't imagine it was that comfortable given that it was designed for toddlers or big kids NOT infants but she stayed content for awhile.

We made it to the dairy section - which is one of the last stops before she started to get fussy again. Of course, that's also when I thought of several things I forgot - a couple of which were in the produce section on the other side of the store. I found she'd stay calm if we were keeping a good pace so I practically jogged across the store with Jadzia running along side. Then I thought of something else back in the frozen food section which is over by the dairy....yeah on the other side of the store. So we jogged back.

By the time we were safely in line I was exhausted, Jadzia was ready to go home and even the need for speed was not keeping Anya happy. That's when Inara pulled klepto act number 2 and the cashier asked me how I was. Er....tired! As always, the car keys shimmied to the bottom of the diaper bag but once it was found, I secured all the kids and was thrilled to get home.

On a completely different note, I'm happy to announce that Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland have not been watched for a few days now. The Land Before Time has taken their place - between Jadzia and Inara, it was watched three times today I think.

By the time we got to the checkout, I was exhausted and that's when Inara did her klepto bit with the chocolate bar. I paid quickly and got us back to the car - as usual the car keys shimmied down to the very bottom of the diaper bag so I was digging for a few moments before I could get everyone into the car.

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