Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I try to make it a point to combine errands into one trip because it usually makes my life easier. But I also try not to make more than two or three stops while we're out because the kids usually start getting irritable by the end of stop three. The whole in and out of car seats thing is tough on them and me at that point. Well today I had several tasks to complete to get the whole pet deposit thing taken care of and I opted to pull it all together in one potentially dangerous trip. We needed to go to the post office (unrelated to the pets, just needed to be done), the satellite City Hall for the county registration, get a money order for the housing office, the on-base vet to register them with the office and finally the housing office to put it all together.

Surprisingly, the kids took it all pretty well. Inara started to get fidgety in the stroller while at the City Hall location but was okay getting back in the car. Anya fell asleep between Wal-Mart (where I got the money order) and the on-base bet but woke up okay and was content at least while I waited at the vets' office. She didn't want to get back in the carseat afterwards but calmed down by the time the car was moving so we were able to do the housing office. As luck would have it, none of the places were busy since we started the grand adventure at 930AM in the middle of the week. I guess that's one of the few advantages to utilizing morning hours. I still don't like the morning though.

When we got home, Anya was so ready for a real nap (as opposed to the 10 minute one she took in the car). So I got her down and got the kids some lunch and then collapsed in slump. Despite the kids being (REALLY) good for the trip, I was still tired in the end. I was ready for a nap then!

Speaking of naps, out of the blue, both Inara and Jadzia fell asleep on the couch for a little dose. It was surprising but cute. I think Jadzia only laid down because Inara had fallen asleep and then she fell asleep too. They were both sleeping under the same blanket (which I think was Jadzia's doing). I had to wake them after a little while though otherwise bedtime would have been a beast. But they woke up well enough.

Tomorrow we have to take Gimli in for his X-Rays and will probably hit up the commissary for a few things after we drop him off. He has to be dropped off in the morning and then picked up in the afternoon so at least no waiting around. He's doing really well and is full of energy today which is what keeps throwing me about whatever might be wrong with him. Tuesday he was so obviously in pain and today he'd be jumping on furniture and wrestling with Bluto probably if I let him (which I won't). I just hope whatever it is 1) can be treated and 2) is marginally affordable. He's our dog, and he's family and we'll treat him of course - I would just prefer to deplete less savings than more.

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