Monday, January 5, 2009

The Almost Breaking Point

I fell down the stairs. The more you read this blog, the more you'll discover that this clutzy behavior is not exactly out of the ordinary. I've fallen down the stairs a couple times since moving here - each time seemingly worse than before.

The first time was while I was pregnant with Stowaway - I was mildly sore for a day or two but otherwise unscathed. Robby was more upset that I didn't call him when it happened and waited until he got home to tell him it happened.

Then in the early hours on December 26th I fell down and slammed my back into the railing. I was carrying Anya at the time and instinctively turned so that I took all the damage and she just bounced in my arms. As a result I twisted my ankle or something. It hurt for a few days and now it's just a little sore occasionally.

Today I was carrying Inara (who is almost two) and my foot slipped and down I went - HARD. On my butt. Now I have decent cushion in that area but that didn't save me this time, I bounced down a couple steps and when I got up it HURT. I'm pretty sure I bruised my tailbone or something because it hurts to sit. Driving to the post office was just downright painful. That was not my almost breaking point - although it contributed to it. After the painful drive to the post office and after dragging the almost two year old kicking and screaming to a nap, I sat very uncomfortably on the couch to feed Anya. She fell asleep (yay!) and I gingerly took her upstairs to put her down. Halfway up her eyes popped open, that's not totally uncommon so I put her down and she started to fuss. Again, this isn't uncommon with her so I closed the door to give her a few moments. Soon the fuss became an all out cry and by that time I was about to break down. I was physically in pain and the idea of having to rock her back to sleep on my sore butt just made me want to cry. That's when all the "I wish Robby were here" thoughts peeped out and the need to cry was about more than the physical pain.

And then she stopped crying and got quiet - having fallen asleep. So I didn't QUITE break down today (well not mentally - I'm physically "broken" I think lol)

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Kisha said...

awww, I'm glad you didn't mentally break down, but sorry your broken.
And I can't believe she's only ALMOST 2, while princess is already 2.