Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Personal Reading Challenge 2009

I love to read; it's a passion I've always had but don't always dedicate the time to do. Around the time Anya was born I picked up several new books to help with my hospital stay. In September I joined paperbackswap.com at the urging of my friend Kisha. Oh and I read the Twilight series in there two - I promise this is all significant. Reading Twilight put me on a vampire kick, which I turned to Kisha's suggestions which got me started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, Queen Betsy and Anita Blake (among others but those were the first). I bought all of the Sookie series new before turning to and joining PBS. Through PBS I found tons and tons of new books and series to read and now have a whole bookshelf full of books to keep me entertained.

In 2008, I read 55 books I think (I wasn't keeping specific track so I'm not totally sure, might have missed one or two in there). I didn't start really reading a lot until June. So my personal reading challenge for 2009 is going to be 80 books. I think I can read even more than that but this is my goal. I've already finished two and started number three!

Why am I telling all my non-existent readers this? Because this blog will have a whole lot of different types of posts, including posts about books I've read occasionally. So I'm warning you in advance to expect them.

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