Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleep and Product Placement

I think that Anya slept 7 hours straight last. I say think because, well my night time memory is somewhat fuzzy as of late. All the days, er nights, tend to blend together. Anyway, I know I fed her around 1AM and put her down by 130AM. I know I woke up around 545AM and checked on her but didn't feed her because she was asleep. I know she woke up at 830AM. Since I don't remember anything in between I assume she slept from 130AM to 830AM then. And I like to think I would have remembered waking up because getting out of bed hurts like the dickens right now - I am one giant bruise I think!

On another note, Jadzia got the Fisher Price Fun-2-Learn Computer as a Christmas gift and she is in love with it. She gets super excited when she makes the letters on the computer and calls me over the show me! "Look mommy! A BEAUTIFUL B!" Of course "beautiful" comes out something like "Be -UUUUUUUUUUU - ti -ful" with a lot of stress on the u. A couple months ago I made her worksheet/coloring pages with the letters and Disney characters in hopes of getting her interested and it lasted maybe a day before she was no longer interested in learning. The power of technology. :)

Between the computer and the Leapster Learning Game System she got for her birthday, she's almost lost interest in the Princesses. On the Leapster Game, she has a Dora game courtesy of Grandma - mind you she has no idea about the Dora TV show due to careful avoidance on my part. But she loves her Dora game; I might have to let her watch the show....maybe...er maybe not.

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