Friday, January 9, 2009

I've lost it...

And by "it" I mean the remote to the cable box. I know you all were thinking I meant my mind weren't you? Admit it. Well I hate to tell you this but I lost THAT a long time ago. I do have three kids after all - three young kids.

But back to the cable remote - we have three remotes for the downstairs "system"; a TV remote for the TV itself, a cable remote for the cable box and a DVD remote for the DVD player (duh right?). Beyond that we also have the XBox controller, the Wii remotes, etc. Well I've lost the cable remote. I have NO clue where it's gone which scares me. I moved the couch last night only to find every missing toy, a couple of kids bowls, random papers and a lot of dog hair that has slid under it. Since I'd already gone through the hassle of moving it; I took the time to clean it all up so now it's clean under the couch at least. But, no remote. I haven't found it IN the couch either. I'm a little nervous that perhaps little hands have gotten a hold of it and ferreted it away somewhere.

As a result of my under the couch adventure - Jadzia and Inara seem to think it's Christmas all over again as they dig through the small box of wayward toys that were recovered last night.

So, anyone out there know where my lost remote is? I had to change the box by hand last night to watch Grey's Anatomy - oh the horror ;)

Oh and I've failed in my book-a-day attempt; shocker eh? I have barely read in the last three days partially because of tiredness and partially because it hurts to sit up in bed now (grr!)

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Kisha said...

When we lose ours (which is quite often)it's typically in the couch. Barring that, sometimes we find it outside on the patio table, in the kitchen on the counter, it's been found in the bathroom. Of course, this is with adults and a teen losing it. With younger kids, I'd say check the play room lol