Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Groceries, groceries everywhere....

I finally went to the commissary today. We also ran to the post office first. At the post office, Inara was being a stubborn 2 year old and refusing to listen to anything I said so I ended up having to carrying her while she cried and tried to wriggle free of my arms. I'm beginning to think that taking her anywhere is just a bad idea.

It started to rain on the way to the commissary but we made a quick dash inside and came away mostly dry. This time I arrived with a well constructed list in hand. A list that contained dinner ideas and the fixings for said dinners. As a result I managed to come away with enough food, including dinner stuff to last a couple weeks probably aside from things like milk and such. Lots of staples that are easy to mix and match too which is good. I still got some junk food but I planned it that way for the most part. I like junk food, what can I say? The kids were well behaved and "bud-oh" even stayed in the car.

Naturally, when I got home it all went to heck. Anya was crying, the phone was ringing, the dog was trap on top of the table (of his own doing I might add) and I was tracking in mud and sliding all over the kitchen as I brought in and unloaded groceries. Bringing everything home was more exhausting than the actual shopping part. But eventually I had lunch in front of Jadzia and Inara and Anya was nursing calmly and drifting off. Of course the moment I attempted to take her to bed, she woke up and started crying. We repeated this cycle twice over the next hour or so before I finally had both her and Inara down for naps.

Now I bought all that stuff with meals in mind and was very good about buying real food this time to make real meals. So what did we have for dinner?


Oh and I have a house guest for a couple weeks. A friend of Robby's is leaving the island and needed a place to crash until they finish all his paperwork and such. Grand old Army motto of "hurry up and wait" applies in this case as they seemed to want you available to them immediately just to put you aside for awhile until they get around to it.

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Mary Long said...

Believe me, hurry up and wait is an all military motto, lol.