Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A book a day?

Okay, so it's not a record I can keep up but I think I'll get 3 for 3 tonight. I read Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire on the 4th, Because Your Vampire Said So on the 5th and I'm about half way through Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home now, I'll probably finish it tonight after the girls go to bed.

These are all part of the Broken Heart Vampires series by Michele Bardsley. In Broken Heart, Oklahoma - a vampire goes on a biting spree. Before he's stopped, he bites 11 single parents changing not only their lives (or un-lives?) but the whole town. Suddenly Broken Heart is the catch-all town for all of parakind....assuming they can all get along of course. And how likely is that?! It's a good light series with an interesting twist on normal vamp books - how many vampires are parents after all?!

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