Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Standing on an Ottoman With a Couch on my Head

(for those who don't play YoVille, I took a screen shot to explain the title of my post this evening)

Today started like any other day- even better perhaps seeing as Anya slept so well last night. But it was not to last. Most of the day was like every other. Inara shoved movies at me demanding that I start them, Jadzia played on her computer and then sat on the couch "reading" a book and asking what was happening in every picture. How do you explain to a 4 year old that a T-Rex killed Littlefoot's family exactly? This dinosaur adventure led her to pulling out Jurassic Park, which she refers to as my dinosaur movie. The adventures of Littlefoot suddenly seems a lot tamer and easier to explain now. This is the same child who watched Wizard of Oz and the freaky flying monkeys everyday for two weeks straight though so I suspect the mental damage has already been done; poor kid will be in therapy for years.

In order to start dinner, I put Anya down on a blanket on the floor which attracted Jadzia and Inara. They seem to be fascinated with everything I do with Anya and must participate in their own fashion. Tonight that meant they laid down on the blanket with her and wiggled around like non-mobile babies. I couldn't let this temporary, non-destructive mode fool me of course because - well I know my kids. After getting everything started, Bluto (that would be the Australian Shepherd) was acting like he needed to go out. It was raining and muddy but that couldn't really be helped so out he went. Then I scooped up Anya to try and feed her and get her to sleep before dinner was done. She was acting tired and it seemed like fortuitous timing as serving up dinner and eating is always easier if she is asleep or content not in my arms. I asked Jadzia to let the dog in and he bounds inside like a bundle of pent up energy. A MUDDY bundle. The muddy bundle immediately jumped onto the furniture. After he peed on the chair some time ago, he's been banned from the furniture - which he well knows (or I think he does - I don't speak dog). After shooing him of the chair, restraining myself from killing him and tossing him in the laundry room for his own protection I cleaned up the muddy mess and the stream of pee from the base of the chair to the laundry room (he pees when he gets in serious trouble). I was boiling potatoes for dinner and they started to boil over during the insanity so I had to check on them. That's when I nearly burned myself with the steam.

In the midst of all this Inara is trying to demand my attention so she can get more milk, Anya is screaming because I had to put her down to NOT kill the dog and Jadzia seems to find herself directly in my path at every turn. Now in hindsight, I know she wasn't intentionally getting in my way but given the chain of events it was surely aggravating. I managed to finish dinner, serve it up and even eat it without strangling anyone (human or canine). Anya was growing fussier by the minute though as she we long overdue for sleep - or so it seemed. As soon as I finished my own food and was able to pick her back up she was happy as a clam and started chattering in my lap.

We buy a lot of toys in twos around here as we have three kids, two of which would play with most toys at this point. Months ago, Robby bought them some cheap plastic golf sets just for fun. They never used them for golfing as the clubs came apart within 15 minutes of giving them to the kids. The flags and "holes" disappeared into some unknown black hole that eats pieces of toys here and the balls were chased and then eaten by Bluto mostly. The golf "bags" (not actually a bag mind you), however, remained in tact and they have floated around the house since, usually being a catch all for random small toys. Tonight one of the wheels popped off one of the bags. Inara pulled the other one out and was playing with the wheels. Jadzia, being Jadzia, just had to have her own wheels and Inara wasn't handing one of hers over. So I intentionally broke the wheels off the other bag. It simply wasn't a battle worth fighting tonight. They can actually be fixed pretty easily should I decide to - or I could make the wheels and bags disappear...there's a thought.

After all this, I signed onto YoVille while trying to get Anya to sleep and due to some funny glitches my character was standing on an ottoman with a couch on her head. It seemed oddly symbolic of my evening and that is why my title is what it is.

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