Monday, January 19, 2009

Battle of the Naps!

Today was not a good day for sleeping.

Anya apparently decided she wanted to take lots of little 10-15 minute cat naps but no real solid naps. She's either wake up as I was carrying her up to her room or she'd wake up within 15 minutes of being put down. Of course she'd be cranky at that point and the easiest and sometimes only way to soothe her then is to feed her. I felt like she spent all dang day on me because she wouldn't sleep, she wouldn't play, she wouldn't let me put her down. As a result I'll probably be leaking like crazy tomorrow.

And Miss Inara, who you may have figured out does not like going down for naps, cried off and on for over an hour today because she didn't want to sleep. I put her down and closed the door and she started crying; that's normal so I went downstairs. A few minutes later she still crying but is starting to calm down. Either she is going to sleep or has gotten out of bed to play. Then she starts crying again. Calms down, cries, calms down, lather rinse repeat. I went up to check on her and put her back in bed a couple times because she desperately needed this nap today. She was cranky and rubbing her eyes and would have been a beast by 5PM if she didn't nap at all. So she FINALLY falls asleep around 3 which is an hour after she should be asleep. Normally she sleeps for 2 hours and she needs to be up around 4PM or bedtime is a challenge. I let her sleep until 430PM and they stayed up a little later than usual. Like naptime, when I closed the door, Inara started crying and trying to get out of bed. Thankfully, with Jadzia in there at bedtime she's quick to calm down and go to sleep.

Tomorrow is the long put off Commissary trip! Stay tuned for exciting details.

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