Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A day for reinforcements!

Inara went to bed last night with a mild fever - while this isn't a GOOD thing, it's not necessarily the herald of sickness. My kids often have unexplained mild fevers (100 or under); they come and go quickly. She woke up this morning a little snotty and cranky as all get out. The fever was gone though. Regardless, this is not the way to start the day. Before nap time we had at least five melt downs about who knows what. Inara has become a very demanding child - she wanted to watch a movie almost as soon as we came downstairs and I told her she'd have to wait a moment so I could do the morning routine (sippys, feed the dpgs, diaper changes, etc) and I turned to the kitchen to begin all that. Ms Inara, with movie in hand, comes after me yelling "Mamma! Mamma!" repeatedly and then began smacking me in the leg with her hand and pulling on my pants while continuing her chant.

Finally, nap time rolled around and I took the kicking and screaming child to her bed and tucked her in with her blanket (while she was still twisting and screaming mind you). In case you haven't noticed, Inara isn't too keen on nap time although she still desperately needs said nap. As luck would have it, I managed to get Anya down for a nap during the same time and Jadzia was absorbed with her computer game making be-uuuuuuuuuuu-tiful letters. Oh for an hour of peace!

When I go upstairs to retrieve Sleeping Beauty (aka Inara), I see a shadow under the door - a shadow that shouldn't be there. Upon opening the door I find that Inara's clothes are covered in some unknown substance. On closer inspection, it would appear that Inara got a hold of a bottle of wood glue I'd used to repair the doll house - wood glue I thought I'd removed from their room. Oops. So now the doll cradle and the child and a small patch of the carpet is covered in wood glue.

While making dinner, we had a repeat performance of the "Mamma!" chant, this time in regards to milk. Complete with pants pulling and leg smacking. Meanwhile Jadzia is standing on a footstool to "help" me cook - by help I mean she told me everything I was doing, what would I do without her.

But just when I thought my head was going to explode, the phone rang and it was Robby! (he called while I was typing this which is why I started it over an hour ago). Oh sweet bliss. I attempted to retreat to a bathroom to talk without hovering children but that resulted in Inara pounding on the door with a fine rendition of the "Mamma" chant and then Jadzia being kind enough to open the door for her mid-pound so she, Jadzia and Bluto all stumbled much for peaceful conversation.

Toward the end of the conversation, Jadzia was looking for her stick (a walking stick done for her by my dad). Apparently Inara had found a cane (her stick) and so Jadzia needed one too. Why do I have sticks in the house for my children? It seems like a really bad idea in hindsight. There was a lot of pounding the sticks on the floor and a lot of noise and yet they have not poked anyones eye out. The two monsters are currently laying on the dog (the big one) and laughing while playing with their sticks.

Is it bedtime yet?! Actually, it is! First bed time then the sticks disappear....

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