Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today was a Lazy Day

Last night - or in the wee hours of the morning - Anya decided being awake was better than sleeping. After over an hour of back and forth nursing, holding, crying, etc, I finally got her back to bed. By then it was after 2am. Around 5am, Robby called from Iraq and I think we talked for about 30 minutes. Of course I don't remember it half as well as I ought because I was half asleep through the conversation. But it wasn't a bad reason to be deprived of sleep to be sure but when Anya woke up about an hour later I had to seriously drag myself out of bed to get her.

By the time we were all up for the morning, I was dragging my feet. So we didn't do much today but stick around the house. When I had both Inara and Anya down for naps I laid down on the couch and ended up dozing off while Jadzia played. I woke up several times and didn't really get "good" sleep but it was a nice recharge at least.

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